Trash Island - Senior Sustainability Line

Trash Island is an actual island inspired by an actual island of trash that exists in the Pacific Ocean. Ocean pollution is one of the most concerning environmental issues going on in our world right now. Among the issues plaguing our oceans in recent years are oil spills, coral bleaching, over fishing, and waste collection. The first look is inspired by an idealized vision of the ocean. This look is whimsical, majestic and beautiful. The look was constructed by utilizing a jersey knit as the base and adding hand-pleated, blue-dyed plastic bags to the skirt to give the full effect. The second look is inspired by the issue of coral bleaching. The look used a twill weave base and, from there, was built up with piping and plastic bags to give the illusion that it’s made of coral. Coral bleaching is a process caused by the coral itself as a response to stress caused by changes in their habitat. The last look is inspired by oil spills and the effect they have on marine life. This dress was created using the same twill weave base and, from there, we utilized a metallic plastic material from Terracycle for “scales” and we utilized plastic bags and dark metallic paints to give the illusion of caked on oil. Oil spills are unfortunately all too common, but the worst one was The Gulf oil spill, which took place in April 2010 when there was an unforeseen explosion on the Deep water Horizon oil rig.

Photographer: MaiVab Photography & Touchaingkong Yang