About Kachia Lee Designs

Kachia Lee is a self-taught and an aspiring designer in Minnesota. She is currently a student at St. Catherine's University double majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design along with a business minor and studio art minor. She is also the Co-President of St Kate's Fashion Association. She was formerly the Junior Design Representative. She started sewing during middle school. In high school, she started making dresses and modern Hmong outfits for Minnesota's annual Hmong New Year. Kachia's main focus is creating Hmong modern designs, but on the side, she focuses on other styles as well.  Although, she thought sewing and designing was just a hobby, she fell in love with it and decided that she wanted to further develop her skills and knowledge by earning a degree in fashion. Kachia's goal one day is to attend graduate school to become a fashion teacher to help students strive for their own passion in the fashion industry, own her own business and give back to the community by providing scholarships, programs and opportunities for those who seek help.