Aadya Collection

Kachia designed this collection for Center of Hmong Arts and Talent's Fresh Tradition Fashion Show. The name Aadya is rooted in Sanskrit. It means the power that gave rise to the five elements and five senses. This collection is inspired by the four elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire), "Avatar: The Last Airbender", women empowerment and Greek mythology style. Each garment represents the four elements and the last garment is the "Avatar" and the challenging garment piece that includes all five tradition Hmong fabrics. 

Photographer: MaiVab Photography

HMUA: Kaohlee Xiong & Tshiacha Lee

Shoulder/Body Chain: Exotic Creations from Her

Headpieces/Crowns: Kachia Lee

Earth Element: Gaea - In Green Mythology, she is the Goddess of Earth/Mother of Earth.

Model: Tshiacha Lee

Air Element: Sylph - An imaginary spirit of the air, or a graceful woman

Model: Sophie Vang

Water Element: Salacia - Goddess of the Sea. In Roman mythology, she is the female divinity of the sea and the wife of Neptune.

Model: Mercedes Heng

Fire Element: Virago - A woman of great strength; a female warrior.

Model: Anna Her

Challenge Garment Piece (The Avatar): Regina - translates to “Queen”.

Model: Dexieng Yang